ViewHD Composite AV to HDMI Up-Scaling Converter for 720P | 1080P HDTV | VHD-AV2HDMI


UPC: 608819811871

Product Features

  • Converter RCA Composite Video and Audio (Yellow, Red and White) Signal to Single Digital HDMI Video and Audio Signal
  • HDMI Output Resolution: 720P or 1080P with Selection Button; 720P when LED is red and 1080P with LED is green
  • HDTV Must Support 720P or 1080P; Many 1080i HDTVs may not support 720P, please check to make sure
  • RCA Input Supports PAL or NTSC Composite Input Signal Automatically
  • HDMI Output Supports PAL and NTSC; Supports Worldwide Application

ViewHD AV | Composite Video and L/R Audio to HDMI Converter "VHD-AV2HDMI" will merge and converter the input composite analog video and audio signals into single upscaled HDMI digital A/V signal at 720P or 1080P with integrated audio.

Attention: To use this item, the HDTV must support HDMI input at 720P or 1080P.

Operating Guide: Use the 720P/1080P switch button on the front panel to select the desired HDMI output video format. When the LED light is red, the output format is 720P; when the LED light is green, the output format is 1080P. The outgoing format will be rotated between NTSC and PAL as well, so the loop is (720P@60Hz to 1080P@60Hz to 720P@50Hz  to 1080P@50Hz to 720P@60Hz...). For NTSC (60Hz) only TVs, there will be no picture or noise when the output format is at 50Hz(PAL). So please keep this in mind when using this item.

Package Includes:

  • AV to HDMI Converter
  • Universal 100V to 240V Power Adapter with US Plug
30 Day No Restocking Fee Return Policy & ViewHD One Year Warranty