ViewHD Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to NTSC | PAL TV Universal AV | S-Video Converter | VHD-MDP2AVs

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Model: VHD-MDP2AVs

UPC: 610074320371

Product Features

The newly released 2013 model: VHD-MDP2AVs replaces the old model: VHD-MDP2AV. This new model supports both PAL and NTSC TVs to enable worldwide application, with improved power and video performances. 

Best for iMac Application. 

ViewHD Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to TV Video Converter can convert Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt input video signal to Composite Video and S-Video output video signal; it allows high resolution video device with Mini DisplayPort interface to be displayed on TV. It supports high quality video from DVD's 480i/p @60Hz up to 1028x1026@60Hz for HDTV; 1024x768@60Hz or 800x600@60Hz is recommended.

Product Dimension: 130mmx75mmx27mm 

Package Includes

  1. The ViewHD Mini DisplayPort to Composite Video / S-Video Converter 
  2. S-Video Cable (1.5m) 
  3. AV / RCA Composite Video Cable (Yellow, Red, White) (1.5m) 
  4. User Manual

Application Note:

Please make sure to check the NTSC / PAL switcher: NTSC for North America TVs, PAL for TVs used in most Europe and Asia countries. 

30 Day No Restocking Fee Return Policy & ViewHD One Year Warranty