HDMI to Composite | AV Universal Converter for PAL & NTSC Standard TV | VHD-168


UPC: 608819811604

Product Features

ViewHD HDMI to Composite / CVBS / RAC AV Video Converter is the newest release in a compact, low power, reliable and high performance metal jacket. It supports PAL or NTSC composite video output, with a select switch. Please make sure this switch is at the right position for the display unit.

Its newest ICs supports HDMI input resolution of all TV formats: 640x480@60Hz, 1280x720@60Hz, 1920x1080@60Hz, 480i/p@60Hz, 576i/p@50Hz, 720p@(50Hz / 60Hz), 1080i@(50Hz / 60Hz), 1080p@(50Hz / 60Hz); output is 480i NTSC or 576i PAL format for standard TV.

This ViewHD "VHD-168" metal case unit converts HDMI digital video and digital stereo audio signals to analog composite video and R/L audio output. Light weight, portable, durable, Plug-and-Play. The unit comes with an USB power cable, it is used to provide power (5V1A) to run this converter. For example, when USB power is provided, it supports the newest MacBook Pro which has a HDMI output.

USB power may be optional for some video sources depend on the setup and components. For signal stability and best A/V quality, please always use USB power to avoid possible video and audio problem. If it doesn't work, ALWAYS make sure to use the USB power cord to provide power (5V1A).

To get L/R analog audio output, the HDMI audio input needs to be mono or 2CH stereo.

30 Day No Restocking Fee Return Policy & ViewHD One Year Warranty