ViewHD HDMI Bi-directional 2x1 or 1x2 A-B | AB Switch | Switcher | VHD-AB:3Ds

Model: VHD-AB-3Ds

UPC: 608819810478

Product Details:

This is a newer generation of the AB switch, manufactured with an integrated IC scheme to substantially reduce power necessary to run this switch.

  • Can be used as a 2X1 HDMI Switch; select one of the two inputs to go to one HDMI TV
  • Can be used as a A-B Switch in a 1X2 Setup; one source to either display A or display B
  • 2 LED lights indicate the input / output selection and working status
  • HDCP Pass through; Support full 1080P & 3D
  • No power adapter needed; power is provided by the HDMI source unit
  • Support output up to 5 meter AWG26 HDMI cable
  • Durable Full Metal Case Construction
  • Support HDMI Plug & Play

Application Note:

The unit runs on the power provided by the HDMI input source; therefore, if a HDMI switcher is used before it, then the HDMI switcher must have a power adapter to provide sufficient power to run that switcher and this bi-directional AB switcher.

For laptop or mobile devices with HDMI output, it is recommend to power down the HDMI source, connect the HDMI output setup, and then power on the HDMI source, to avoid sudden power drain to the HDMI source unit.

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