ViewHD 1x3 or 3x1 Bi-Directional AB Switch | VHD-3X1AB

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Model: VHD-3X1AB

UPC: 608819810522

Product Features:

The VHD-3X1AB unit is a HDMI 3x1 ports bi-direction manual switch. It is not an auto switch. It can support up to three HDMI sources; it can also be used as a 1x3 AB switch, to pass one HDMI source signal to any one of the three outputs. It is not a HDMI splitter, in 1x3 mode, only one output can be activated.

This is a new generation product, built with integrated IC solution to substantially reduce power consumption. This unit relies on the power from the HDMI source unit to run; therefore, if the HDMI source unit can't provide enough power to run this unit and drive the output signal, then it may not work properly. To reduce the output loading, please avoid using long HDMI cables.

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