ViewHD PC to HDTV Video & Audio Converter | VGA to HDMI 720P / 1080P with Integrated Audio | VHD-PC2TV

Model: VHD-PC2TV

UPC: 610074320388

Product Features

  • Fully compatible to most VGA formats, no worry for video resolution compatibility issues with VESA DDC Compatible VGA Cable
  • Best performance in class, automatically upscales to either 720P or 1080P for NTSC HDTV with push button selection
  • Require DDC Compliant VGA Cable; Please Purchase "VHD-VC5F" VGA Cable if You don't have a DDC Compliant VGA Cable
  • The HDMI Display Unit Must Support 720P to Use This Item
  • Stable and Robust for 24hr / 7 day Operation

Product Description

Application Requirement 

1) Please use VESA DCC version of the VGA cable, search for "VHD-VC5F". Older / basic versions of the VGA cables will not work properly. 

2) TV must support 720P or 1080P; otherwise, please check another VGA to HDMI converter: the "VHD-MNPC2TV". 

This ViewHD PC to TV converter offers the best performance (upscales to 1080P) and best compatibility (check supported formats) in its category. Now you can pick the most suitable VGA format for the best video quality on your HDTV. This is the best PC to TV converter you can get. 

This ViewHD PC to TV converter is designed to take video and audio signals from PC or Laptop and upscale to digital HDMI output for your 720P / 1080P HDTV. Plug and Play, no software is needed. 

Best for connecting the VGA video output of your computer or media server and integrating it into a new digital HDMI Home Theater System. 


  1. Up-scales VGA to HDMI 720P or 1080P, best in class! 
  2. Supports VGA Inputs: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1360x768, 1440x900, 1400x1050, 1680x1050, 1920x1080; all at 60Hz. 
  3. Suports HDMI Output: 720P@60Hz, 1080P@60Hz 
  4. Auto-store setting of output resolution 
  5. Product size: 119mm x 74mm x 23mm 
  6. Comes with DC 5V universal power adapter 100-240V with US plug and user manual 
  7. All audio & video cables (VGA & HDMI) are NOT included
30 Day No Restocking Fee Return Policy & ViewHD One Year Warranty