ViewHD Ultra HD | HDMI 2.0 | HDCP 2.2 | 4K@60Hz | 1x2 Splitter | One Input to Two Outputs | Support HDR and Dolby Vision | Model: UHD1X2

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This UHD1X2 model has been replaced by the latest UHD1X2S model.


UHD1X2 is HDMI v2.0b, HDCP 2.2, 18Gbps one input to two outputs 1x2 splitter, for up to 4K@60Hz displays to share the same HDMI source signal at the same time. 

Smart EDID options:
STD is the standard mode: in this mode, the video and audio EDID will be determined by the lower unit of the two outputs, so that both displays can have audio and video at the same time. 

OUT1 mode: The video and audio EDID of the display connected to HDMI OUT1 will be passed to the HDMI input of the splitter. 

Application Example: In case there are two TVs, one is HDMI v1.3 1080P TV, the other is HDMI v2.0b 4K@60Hz TV, always connect the best TV, in this case, the 4K TV to HDMI OUT1, and the 1080P TV to HDMI OUT2. If the HDMI source is an HDMI v2.0 unit, such as Roku Ultra, FireTV 4K, AppleTV 4K or PS4 Pro, use the STD setting when using the 1080P TV (with or without the 4K TV); this will make sure that the HDMI source send video in 1080P format for the 1080P TV to have pictures. Use the OUT1 setting when using ONLY the 4K TV, this will make sure that the HDMI source sends video in 4K@60Hz for the 4K TV to have the best video, in this situation, the 1080P TV will not have a picture because it doesn't support the incoming 4K video format. 

Package Includes:
+ UHD1X2 Splitter; Size: 56mm x 100mm x 16mm 
+ User Manual 
+ Universal Power Adapter 220V/110V --> DC5V with US plug