ViewHD Prosumer Digital Audio 4x2 Switch & Converter | 2CH Stereo Digital to Analog Audio Converter | Bi-Directional Toslink to Coaxial Digital Audio Converter | VHD-DS4X2

The ViewHD VHD-DS4x2 is the ultimate SPDIF audio switch for audio application. This multi-functional prosumer unit provides unparalleled flexibility, performance, and reliability. 

  • 4 Digital Audio Inputs: 3 Toslink / Optical Audio Input and 1 Coaxial Audio Input
  • 2 Digital Audio Outputs active at the same time: Toslink Optical and Coaxial; Provide bi-directional Toslink Coaxial Conversion
  • Can be used as a Toslink to Toslink + Coaxial or Coaxial to Toslink + Coaxial Digital Audio Splitter
  • Built-in Stereo Digital (Toslink and Coaxial) to Analog RCA L/R Audio Converter; RCA L/R output is amplified to support headphone application
  • Full Size in full metal jacket construction for durability and reliability

1) It has four SPDIF audio inputs (3 Toslink and 1 Coaxial); two SPDIF outputs (1 Toslink and 1 Coaxial) and one analog RCA L/R, both digital outputs can be active at the same time; the analog RCA L/R output is active as long as the input SPDIF audio format is stereo.
2) Because the Toslink and Coaxial outputs can be active at the same time, so this switch can also be used as Toslink to Coaxial or Coaxial to Toslink digital audio splitter / converter. 
3) It has a built-in stereo digital (Toslink or coaxial) to Analog RCA L/R output converter (adopts 192KHz/24Bit DAC); the RCA L/R output is amplified to support headphone application. To use the RCA L/R analog output, the incoming Toslink / Coaxial digital audio must be in stereo format. The built-in digital to analog converter does not support surround sound. 
4) This unit comes with a 8 button remote for input selection and power on / off control. 
5) It is a full size unit with all cable connections on the back panel, in full metal jacket construction, to assure durability and reliability.

This product comes with ViewHD one year warranty. 

Package Includes:
1) VHD-DS4X2 audio switch/converter 
2) Universal DC 5V (AC 100V-240V) power adapter with US plug 
3) User manual 
4) Remote Control