ViewHD Dual-band HDMI IR Extender Over HDMI Cable | VHD-IRHS

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Product Details:

This ViewHD IR extender kit supports remote control operation by transmitting IR signal over the CEC channel over HDMI cable. 

This VHD-IRHS kit uses dual-band IR receiver and transmitter to achieve the best compatibility. To use this IR over HDMI extender, the "CEC/IR" switch on both of the HDMI IR Adapters must be set at IR position, therefore CEC function is not supported when using this extender with the extender switch set at IR position. 

To use HDMI CEC function, the "CEC/IR" switch needs to be at CEC position. 

Package includes: 
1) Two Identical ViewHD HDMI IR Adapters 
2) One Dual Band IR Receiver 
3) One Dual Band IR Transmitter 

Troubleshooting Guide 
If there is a problem, please read: 
1) Make sure the setup can support CEC first. Some HDMI product and HDMI cable may not support or contain CEC channel, if CEC function doesn't work in your setup, then this unit will not work either, even if the HDMI adapters are set at IR position. 
2) Many extra long HDMI cables use a signal booster at the transmitting end, which means this kind of HDMI cable is directional, then it may not support this IR extender. 
3) This product claims that it can support up to a 25meter range, this is actually conservative. We have verified it by using two 15 meter cables and one 18meter cable to form a 48meter artificial HDMI cable for IR extender range testing, the IR extender works PERFECTLY. HDMI signal is in hundreds of MHz range, and IR signal frequency is in KHz range. For any regular HDMI cable, IR signal should travel much further than HDMI video signal. The working cable range is limited by the HDMI video signal. But please do NOT use booster or repeaters, because they may not pass IR signal, always cross check to make sure.