ViewHD HDMI IR Extender Adapter | VHD-HIRa

Model: VHD-HIRa

UPC: 608819812045

Product Details:

Support 30KHz - 60KHz wide / dual band IR frequency, good for both single band and dual band IR receiver and transmitter application.

Convert the CEC channle in HDMI to IR signal through the CEC-IR switcher. When used as a HDMI IR adapter, please put the switcher on the IR position, not the CEC position. When the HDMI IR Adapter is at the IR position, the CEC connection is disable.

IR receiver and transmitter are sold separately; for best compatibility, please use dual band IR receiver and transmitter. Good for passing IR signal, not for RF signal. Please make sure that the equipment your want to control is IR based.

Pacakger Includes: 1) One VHD-HIRa adapter 2) User Manual

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