ViewHD Advanced 1x4 HDMI Splitter Support 1080P & 3D, with Integrated IR System | VHD-H1X4Si

Model: VHD-H1X4Si

UPC: 608819812014

Product Features

Size: 1x4 | Color: Regular Size with Integrated Remote IR Control System

  • Advanced Power Splitter: 1 HDMI Input, 4 HDMI Outputs; with Reset Button for Easier EDID Updates
  • HDMI v1.3b Support 3D & Full HD 1080P; HDCP v1.2
  • Integrated Super IR Control System, Forward or Backward
  • Built-in Equalization Support Output 20Meter AWG24 HDMI Cable
  • Durable High-Quality Full Metal Jacket Construction

Product Description

This VHD-H1X4Si 1x4 HDMI Power Splitter is the first HDMI 1x4 splitter with an integrated super IR control system, which allows the user to remotely operate various IR controlled A/V sources at the splitter's input location.  Please refer to the example diagram.
With the Integrated Super IR Control System, IR signal can be converted to an electronic signal (through an IR receiver, not included), injected to the CEC channel in the HDMI cable through "VHD-HIRa" HDMI IR adapter (not included) and travels back to this VHD-H1X4Si splitter's Super IR output port, which can be connected to a IR transmitter (not included) to control the A/V source unit.

Package Includes:

  • VHD-H1X4Si HDMI 1x4 Splitter
  • Universal 100V - 240V Power Adapter DC5V with US Plug
  • User Manual

Application Note:
To use the Super IR Control System, the user will need to separately purchase one "VHD-HIRa" HDMI IR Adapter and one IR receiver for each remote location, and one IR transmitter for controlling the A/V source unit. For best compatibility, please select dual-band IR receiver and transmitter.

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