ViewHD Digital Surround Sound to Analog Stereo Audio Decoder (SPDIF / Coaxial 5.1CH Input to RCA L/R & 3.5mm Outputs) | VHD-ADAC


UPC: 608819810492

Product Features

This Advanced Digital to Analog Audio Decoder (VHD-ADAC) uses 24bit audio DSP, 96KHz digital receivers, 192KHz/24bit ADC & DAC chips. Decodes and converts SPDIF or Coaxial input Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Pro Logic, DTS 5.1CH to 2.0CH L/R analog audio and 3.5mm stereo headphone outputs. 

An ideal audio converter for cable / satellite / DVD / Blu-ray boxes with Dolby Digital 5.1CH (AC-3) or DTS 5.1CH audio outputs. 

  • Convert DTS / Dolby Digital 5.1CH digital audio to analog 2.0CH stereo audio output
  • Support audio input: SPDIF or Coaxial with a selection switch
  • No need to install drivers; portable, flexible, plug and play
  • Simultaneously support RCA L/R and 3.5mm Headphone outputs
  • Decoder Dimensions (mm): 72x55x20; Weight: 40g
  • Package includes: Decoder, 5V DC Adapter (100V-240V) with US plug and user manual

Application Note:

This is a digital audio to L/R stereo audio decoder, not a pure audio DAC converter. You need to know to avoid being misled.

There is critical difference between converter and decoder.
A converter will convert 2CH stereo digital audio to L / R analog stereo audio, it will NOT decode and converter Dolby Digital 5.1CH or DTS 5.1CH digital audio to 2CH stereo analog audio.

A decoder is more than a converter, it not only can convert 2CH stereo digital audio to L / R analog stereo audio, but also can decode and convert Dolby Digital 5.1Ch or DTS 5.1CH to 2CH stereo analog audio.  Decoder costs more than converter.

This decode does NOT support Roku surround sound, which is Dolby Digital Plus.

SPDIF optical or Coaxial link can only support audio format up to Dolby Digital 5.1CH and DTS 5.1CHl; it doesn't support Dolby Digital Plus, PCM 5.1CH, HD audio and beyond. 

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