ViewHD Prosumer HDMI 4x2 True Matrix for HD 1080P with SPDIF Digital Surround or HiFi Stereo Audio Output (Full Size) | VHD-PHM4X2

Product Features

Model: VHD-PHM4X2

  • HDMI v1.3 with 3D Support; Support HDCP 1.2
  • Adjustable EDID for 2.0CH Stereo or 5.1CH Surround Audio
  • SPDIF Audio Output for A/V Receiver Setup
  • Amplified 3.5mm Stereo Jack for Headphone Application
  • Support IR Extension and USB RS232 Applications

Product Description

The ViewHD Prosumer HDMI 4x2 Matrix is the newest and the BEST HDMI 4x2 matrix for the ultimate home theater enjoyment and flexibility. 

VHD-PHM4X2 allows two or one of the four HDMI inputs to be switched or split easily to two HDMI outputs. This durable full size, full metal jacket unit has all the input, output and power connections allocated on the back panel; its mirror front panel has 2 digit digital LED display for input selection, delivers professional appearance for your entertainment center. 

It is specially designed to have a programmable audio EDID feature to provide 5.1CH surround sound for home theater receiver setup through its optical SPDIF output in 5.1CH mode. User has the flexibility to push button on the remote to switch between 2CH and 5.1CH audio modes. It also provides an amplified 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone. Both the SPDIF and the 3.5mm stereo audio outputs contain the same audio signal as the HDMI output A when incoming HDMI audio is 2CH stereo. HDMI matrix does not change audio and video format, the HDMI output signal is identical to the HDMI input signal form the video source. 

Its IR extension feature allows user to place the unit out of sight and still be able to use remote to operate. Its USB RS232 port allows remote PC operation for advanced control. IR extension sensor and USB cable are not included. 

Inputs can be selected by the IR remote, or the buttons on front panel. The reset function will reset the matrix to HDMI input 1 and 2CH audio mode. 

Package Includes: 

  1. HDMI 4x2 True Matrix 
  2. 5V DC Power ADapter (100V-240V) with US Plug 
  3. Remote Control 
  4. User Manual
30 day no restocking fee return policy and ViewHD one year warranty.