ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor Support Ultra HD | 4K | ARC | TOSLINK Optical Audio Output + RCA L/R Audio Converter | VHD-H2HARC

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Product Details:

VHD-H2HARC is the latest generation of the ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor to support Ultra HD / 4K (HDMI v1.4, 4096x2160@24fps or 3820x2160@30fps) and ARC.

It can extract digital audio signal form the HDMI input and present it in digital SPDIF output or analog L/R output, for audio receiver / amplifier / headphone applications. The unit does not change incoming video and audio formats. HDMI output signals (audio and video) are identical to the HDMI input signals (audio and video). 

This newer version incorporates special Audio EDID settings for flexible and advanced audio applications. The three special EDID settings are implemented to make the product more user friendly and provide more controls for various applications. 

L/R output supports PCM 2CH stereo, and SPDIF supports audio formats up to Dolby Digital 5.1CH, DD+ and DTS 5.1CH, therefore when the incoming HDMI audio is 2CH stereo, the SPDIF and L/R outputs will work at the same time; when the incoming HDMI audio is Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital 5.1CH or DTS 5.1CH, the SPDIF will work, but the L/R output will not work; when the incoming HDMI audio format is higher than Dolby Digital 5.1CH, DTS 5.1CH or Dolby Digital Plus, such as PCM 5.1CH, PCM7.1CH including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, both the SPDIF and L/R outputs will not work, buyer can still obtain these advanced audio signals from the HDMI output, because the HDMI output signal is identical to the HDMI input signal. 

Use ARC button to turn on / off the ARC function as indicated by the ARC LED light; To use ARC function: 1)the ARC LED light must be on; 2) the display connected to HDMI output must support ARC and a HDMI v1.4 cable must be used to connect the HDMI output to the ARC enabled HDMI input of the display; 3) ARC audio is available from the SPDIF optical output ONLY. Typically, ARC audio uses Dolby Digital format for audio system / receiver application.

  • One HDMI Input Converted to Three Outputs: HDMI, SPDIF and R/L
  • HDMI v1.4; HDCP v1.4 Pass Through; Support 1080P + 3D
  • Support Ultra HD / 4K, 4096x2160@24fps or 3820x2160@30fps
  • Support ARC Audio Extraction
  • Built-in Three Audio EDID Modes: PASS / 2.0CH / 5.1CH
  • Analog L/R Output Supports HDMI Audio 2CH Stereo Input
  • SPDIF Output Supports HDMI Audio Input Up To DD+, DD5.1CH and DTS 5.1CH
  • HDMI Output Supports All Audio Formats Up To PCM 7.1CH
  • LED Indication: On When VHD-H2HARC Unit is Active

Package Include:

  1. VHD-HARC HDMI audio extractor unit
  2. DC5V/1A Universal Power Adapter Support (100V – 240V AC)
  3. User Manual

Operating Procedures

  1. Connect HDMI output to an ARC enabled HDMI input of the Display with a HDMI v1.4 or above HDMI cable
  2. Connect the HDMI input to a HDMI source unit
  3. Power one the display unit
  4. Power on the VHD-H2HARC unit, set the ARC and EDID switchers accordingly
  5. Power on the HDMI source unit

ViewHD One Year Warranty.